dark paradise

my life is a nightmare but i ' ll make it a dream come true

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Make Me Choose dylanwoahbrien - Stiles Stilinski or Derek Hale

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strangers then friends then lovers and now strangers


HQ Carnivores Tour Announcement, Milk Studios - 4th March 2014

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My life is complete. Love you all. Thanks. Bye.

tell me bout that day when it’s ur birthday … u stay up at night and u can’t sleep yet…. it’s 2 AM ….. then 3AM ………. then 4 AM and ……….. till the morning light . and u ‘re just like an ediot …. sitting in a corner of ur DARK room  waiting and waiting and waiting.

all u can hear is a voice in ur head saying just wait a lil bit more …. and that maybe in ur heart that keeps telling u be passionate …….

and then it comes the screams of ur wise brain yelling like “u fucking stupid , he never cared , he never did , and he never will “.

u want ur heartbeats to stop and ur breathes to stay inside but the most most important is those tears droping like a river washing ur face taking away the pain taking away that prisious person u ‘re waiting for the whole night with the fllow .

yeah darling am the dumb blondy and u re the asshole like every time cuz i was waiting for two words that came otta ur mouth which they mean the WORLD for meh .

am done regretting am done waiting am done making excuses am done with you and AM LEAVING for my OWN good am leaving for MYSELF …